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About Isel


ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa) resulted from the restructuring of an institution with a long-standing tradition in engineering teaching in Portugal, the Instituto Industrial de Lisboa, which was founded in 1852 by Royal Decree signed by Queen Maria II.


ISEL has 7 Degree Courses:

- Chemical and Biological Engineering;

- Civil Engineering; - Communication Network and Multimedia Engineering;

- Informatics and Computer Engineering;

- Electrical Engineering;

- Electronics and Telecommunications and Computers Engineering;

- Mechanical Engineering;


And 8 Master's Degree Courses:

- Chemical Engineering;

- Civil Engineering; - Communication Network and Multimedia Engineering ;

- Electronics Telecommunications and Computers Engineering;

- Informatics and Computer Engineering;

- Electrical Engineering;

- Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering;

- Mechanical Engineering;

- Maintenance Engineering;


The Institute

ISEL aims to contribute to the development of society by providing a thorough training in Engineering. The intention is to promote education in line with the highest international standards, within the needs of work market.

The Campus is made up of independent buildings, one for each department, and is equipped with facilities such as laboratories and computer rooms. There is also a library, canteen, a student’s residence, a banking agency, photocopy services, an informatic shop, several cafeterias and a sports centre.

Life at ISEL is not limited to the educational component. A pleasant academic environment has an important effect on overall educational performance. In this context, ISEL provides a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, seminars, music concerts and sports.

 All lectures are taught in Portuguese and students are expected to be able to follow them. Assessments (exam papers) can be conducted in another language depending on prior agreement between the student and the lecturer concerned. Non-speaking Portuguese students wishing to study at ISEL, can choose a more practical curricular units (subjects) which have, has an assignment, a work project or developing a particular project which can be presented in English; the majority of lecturers are able to tutor in English.

Before coming to Portugal, please check whether your insurance policies (health and personal liability) cover a stay abroad for a longer than usual period of time and bring the appropriate documents with you. If you are covered by your home country’s health system you should bring your health card.

Don’t forget to bring the student card of your home institution. It identifies you as a EU student and can be useful for discounts, reduced entrance fees etc.

Accommodation is available to students at the Maria Beatriz Student Residence, located at ISEL campus, and provides both double and single rooms. The Residence has laundry and cooking facilities, stoves and fridges. Please note that the month of August several facilities at ISEL are closed for summer holidays.


ISEL Campus
ISEL is located in the north area of the capital Lisbon, near Parque das Nações (Famous for holding the 1998 World Expo). The ISEL Campus benefits from a transport network that facilitates mobility to all the areas of the city.

How to get there?

From Lisbon Airport (Portela) to ISEL campus is a 10 minutes' drive. Lisbon Airport is very close to the city centre – it is located 7km from the centre - and there are different alternatives to get there, namely by Metro to Aerobus, city bus (Carris) or by taxi. If you choose the metro to go from the airport straight to ISEL, you have the red line (linha vermelha) and you should exit in Chelas station. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes.

Taxis allow you to arrive at ISEL from any point in the city, but of course the tariff also increases according to the distance, traffic and day time. An airport-ISEL trip is around 10 euros.

The whole city of Lisbon is provided with an urban transport network with convenient timetables and frequent buses. The following buses stop near ISEL campus.

Metro (underground)
• Chelas metro station: Red Line (Linha vermelha) For further information visit the Lisbon Metro Website.