Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Study programme’s generic objectives 


  • To provide the student the knowledge and to develop his/her ability and competence. 
  • To deepen the knowledge acquired at the 1st cycle study programme in Civil Engineering so that it can constitute the basis for originalapplications, inclusively in research context. 
  • To understand and to solve problems in new and unusual circumstances, in broad and multidisciplinary context.
  • To integrate knowledge, to cope with complex questions, to judge and to develop solutions in situations of incomplete information.
  • To intervene at the direction level of any undertaking, at its several components.
  • To use the basic tools for economics, management and quality.
  • To communicate in a plain and unambiguous way his/her conclusions and the rationale behind them to audiences of both specialists andnon-specialists.
  • To carry on with his/her life long learning, mostly in an autonomous way.
  • To have a professional performance according to the ethics and deontology of the profession.

MEC graduates have some ease in getting employment in the area where they obtained the degree.

It has been possible for some students to do MEC’s final work after a placement in companies with which ISEL established a specific protocol.