Workshop | Strategic Professional Networking

Workshop | Strategic Professional Networking

ISEL | SALA A.2.10, 20 / Nov / 18 às 09:30

Institutions of higher education across Europe are building a new relationship between them and the labour world. The most pressing demand seems to be the preparation of people regarding "soft skills" to be used in work contexts. The European Union, in parallel with the development of a legal framework, has for several years supported a range of projects which tried to identify the methodologies and best practices for the promotion of "soft skills" in university programmes and the academic and science sectors. In this context, A2P2 has designed a series of short seminars, each dedicated to one field of soft skills. The aim is to provide tips and strategies that will inspire students, professionals and academics to develop their soft skills in networking strategically, making impact presentations, improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, etc. - in summary to provide all with a box of tools for this modern world where communication and networking are fundamental tools for success. Soft Skills are a relevant cross disciplinary theme. This workshop will focus on providing practical tools in an entertaining way.

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