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For the second consecutive year ISEL has seen its work in the area of environmental sustainability, under   the Eco-Schools Programme, recognized by the  Blue Flag Association of Europe  (ABAE), considering the actions implemented at the level of environmental management and the activities developed in its Campus involving pupils, faculty and staff. At a ceremony, which took place on December 21, 2021, at the Services of the Presidency of the Polytechnic of Lisbon (IPL) and that was attended by the President of ISEL, Professor José Nascimento, were delivered the Eco-Schools flags to the Organic Units of the awarded IPL. The  ISEL Eco-Schools project  inserts itself into the ISEL strategy for sustainability by relying on its action plan with diverse areas of acting promoted by the different working groups.     Photo: GCI-IPL  
It was recently made available by  University of Stanford (California, USA)  a  update  to the ranking of the most cited scientists worldwide, known as "World's Top 2% Scientists list".   Of the more than 100 thousand researchers appearing on this list, include 3 ISEL faculty members: -Professor João Gomes, for his publications in the area of Energy & Chemical Engineering-with affiliation of the IST -Professor Luís Evangelista, for his publications in the areas Building & Construction Materials-with affiliation of the IST -Professor Mário Véstias, for his publications in the areas Computer, Electrical & Electronic Engineering-with affiliation of the ISEL   The update published in the past October 19, uses the citations of the data base   Scopus, a conceptualized online database of summaries and citations of articles in academic journals, until August 2021.
Considering the current epidemiological context, ISEL makes available to all its collaborators a multifunctional personal protection and contagion prevention hook by COVID-19, vocated primarily for the opening of doors. The multifunctional hook was developed within the framework of the project  PortaSegura  (arrangement ISEL and bank Santander), by the teachers João Milho, Ricardo Portal and Amélia Loja and a team of Collaborators of the DEM and   the   Center for Research in Modeling and Optimization of Multifunctional Systems (CIMOSM). This device is, on par with the protective masks, available for surveying by the ISEL collaborators. Information about the available equipment  here. STL file for 3D printing  here.
On the past December 17 ISEL and the General Secretariat of the Digital Economy and Transition (SGETD) signed a protocol that firm the cooperation between the two institutions, further bringing public administration and academia closer together, notably within the framework of all ISEL degree conferencing and SGETD's area of intervention. The President of the ISEL received the Secretary-General, Eng. João Rolo, who enlisted the role of our Institute in the training of qualified professionals in the areas of information technologies, further referring to the opportunity for contact with reality professional that   SGETD   will be able to enable our graduates, thus being an added value for both bodies.   The collaborative actions will translate into the holding of seminars / Workshops, support for the realization of curricular internships in SGETD, collaboration of ISEL in the realization of specialization courses and training actions to SG employees, building partnerships that target the resolution of concrete problems indicated by the outorgants.   The Eng. João Rolo has made himself accompanied by Dr. Helena Sanches (Assistant Secretary-General), Dr. Carla Santo (Director of Services, Directorate of Documentation Services, Communication and Public Relations), Dr. Ricardo Prieto (Director of Services, Directorate of Information Systems Services), Eng. Maria José Soares (Head of Division, Division of Information Technologies), Dr. António David (Head of Division, Division of Systems Administration), Eng. João Camões (Head of Division-Division of Communications and Security Structures), in turn, the President of the Pedagogical Council, Professor Sandra Aleixo, the Vice-Presidents Professor Cristina Borges and Professor Pedro Silva, the Administrator Dr. Paulo Guerreiro, the advisor teacher Carla Viveiros, the leader of the Service Assessment, Quality and Planning, Dr.. Anabela Carneiro, and the leader of the Area of Informatics and Networks of Communication, Eng. Vasco Silva, were part of the entourage of the President of ISEL, Professor José Nascimento. They were exchanged experiences by the counterparts during the visit to the campus, having this finished at the newly opened building F.
Anualmente o ISEL confere aos trabalhadores que cumprem 25 anos de serviço no Instituto a medalha institucional como símbolo do reconhecimento pelo trabalho prestado e dedicação.  Querendo assinalar este marco no percurso profissional dos colaboradores docentes e não docentes, a direção do ISEL, numa cerimónia restrita atendendo às medidas de contingência e prevenção da COVID, procedeu assim à entrega das medalhas aos colaboradores: Ana Paula Salgueiro, Pedro Sampaio, Carlos Carvalho, José Cascalheira, Nuno Dias, Pedro Ribeiro, João Martins, Gonçalo Marques, José Palmeira, Nuno Cardoso, António Maçarico, Manuel Fernandes, Joaquim Pinto, Armando Inverno, Jaime Puna, Pedro Costa, Pedro Gama, Jorge Barros e Nuno Cota. Pedro Gama, Nuno Cota, José Cascalheira, Jaime Puna, José Nascimento - Presidente do ISEL, Ana Paula Salgueiro, Gonçalo Marques, Carlos Carvalho e Filipe Maçarico (da esquerda para a direita)
It will take place, on the next December 10, the award ceremony for the students ' performance in the school year 2020/2021 and of the awards to the best students joining the ISEL in the current school year.   Editais: Academic Excellence Award Prize for Academic Merit The Francisco Prize of the Fonseca Benevides ABB Prize (Asea Brown Boveri) SA