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Without Chemical and Biological Engineering, we would live in a world without medicines, vaccines, textiles, fuels, rubber, plastic, detergents or pesticides – that is, we would live without much of what is around us and sustains our way of life.

Today we live surrounded by and dependent on products and materials generated by the chemical and biotechnological industries, and we are increasingly aware of how important it is that these industries adapt to the urgency of a more sustainable existence. The challenge in Chemical and Biological Engineering is to reconcile good performance of products and materials with protecting the environment, natural resources and the balance of all the variables in this complex equation.

This is the challenge we will prepare you for. We offer you a recently modernized program, with the practical teaching that has always characterized us, the opportunity to participate in research projects, and a close relationship between students and teachers. Our agenda: to train the professionals who stand at the vanguard of one of the most significant challenges of our planet.

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