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Civil Engineering has been around for a long time, but that has not made it any less dynamic today: it would be impossible for us to conceive our way of life without buildings and compounds to live, work and rest in, without roads, bridges and railways; without airports, ports and dams.

We increasingly want to achieve all of the above in a more pleasant, integrated, efficient and sustainable way. We want to build, recycle and rehabilitate. We want the past and the present to guarantee the future.

On the bachelor’s degree course in Civil Engineering, our teaching experience and strong connection to society, industry and R&D result in training where the practical component is king.

Currently in growing demand, the bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering meets the needs and demands of study and project firms, city councils, construction and consulting companies, inspection, management and maintenance companies – and, why not, your own company!

Good balance between the theoretical and practical aspects. The skills obtained by students are of interest to potential employers.

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