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If you like Mathematics and picture yourself tackling real problems, devising strategies, finding solutions... you have come to the right place!

Our course has been developed inside out. You will not finish if wondering what it will be like in the real world, because ISEL’s bachelor’s in Mathematics Applied to Technology and Business was designed in collaboration with numerous leading companies and organizations from diverse sectors of the economy. The training we provide to our students is thus automatically tuned with the needs of the labour market. As if that was not enough, your final semester will be an internship at one of our partner organizations – Lisbon City Council, Delta, GALP, LNEC, Infrastructures of Portugal, REN, Iberomoldes, Celfinet, Closer, among many others – and so the issue of your first professional experience is already taken care of.

With skills in data science, modelling, simulation and programming, and bringing together mathematical training and knowledge in engineering and management, the notion that your course and the outside world have nothing to do with each other is definitely a thing of the past.