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Big cities may have their shortcomings, but they can also have many assets in their favour. Here, you will learn to do more for life in urban centers – home to half of the world's population.

Knowing how to find a place for everyone - children, young people, adults and the elderly; pedestrians and public and personal transport; nature and buildings - and for everything - housing, education, health, commerce, services, heritage, green spaces, culture, leisure; competitiveness and sustainability – poses challenges as huge as they are interesting, important, and pressing. Knowing how to plan, execute, maintain and supervise this precious balance is the task of Municipal Management.

After graduating, there will be no red traffic lights on your way to a city or parish council, to a central or regional administration department, or to a consulting firm. With training in the areas of the environment, urbanism, transport, waste and sanitation you will get an integrated perspective of what a city is, and you will be able to contribute to your well-being and that of everyone.