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ISEL’s master’s in Mathematics Applied to Industry is our recently launched master's course in an area of specialization with growing demand in the business/industry world. Our goal is to train students with the mathematical and computational skills that will enable them to expertly solve multidisciplinary problems in industry sectors – technology, logistics, consulting, banking, insurance, or R&D.

Our masters in Mathematics Applied to Industry (MMAI) develops solid skills in analytical, numerical and statistical methods – the basis of applied mathematics – and sound training in modelling, programming and simulation, which make it possible to apply mathematics to a wide variety of practical problems.

The MMAI provides students with the opportunity to build their own training profile, combining a common curriculum with various optional units (including, but not limited to, dynamic systems, image processing, machine learning, data mining, programming, computer security, and artificial intelligence). In their last semester of the course, students can choose to dedicate themselves to one of the following: a dissertation, a project, or an internship. In line with several other ISEL courses, the MMAI was designed and will be carried out in collaboration with several prominent and well-respected business and industrial entities.

Experts in the ability to capture the essentials of real situations and in finding solutions to the problems before them through the identification of appropriate mathematical models, the holders of our MMAI will be the bridges between mathematics and the real world.

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