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ISEL’s master's degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering provides a solid scientific training in chemical and biological engineering. Our postgraduate students develop the skills that enable them to apply their knowledge to new situations, with a full understanding of the phenomena involved and the ability to design and/or simulate the behaviour of chemical, biological or related processes. Our course focuses heavily on the design, development, optimization and management of processes, and the training provided is complemented by a lab component, common to the various scientific areas that make up the syllabus. It also places special emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our postgraduate students earn solid skills that they will go on to apply in the areas of basic chemistry, fermentation, pharmaceutical and specialty chemistry, petroleum refining and petrochemistry and the transformation of lignocellulosic and food materials. Our masters in Chemical and Biological Engineering comprises two branches – “Biochemical Processes” and “Bioprocesses” – and provides our students with in-depth specialization. Our training program is also distinct in its synchrony with the real needs of the labour market, its keenness to solve industrial problems and develop novel solutions, and in fostering entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork and collaboration, and communication skills.

Holders of our master’s degree can perform at the highest professional level in activities that include executing chemical and biological projects; providing services to the industry sector; the control and optimization of processes; processes simulation; products and processes development; and research/teaching.