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ISEL’s master course in Civil Engineering offers graduates in this field an opportunity to further develop the knowledge they have obtained at bachelor’s degree level. Our master’s provides them with the skills to build the basis of original applications, including in research, to understand and solve problems in new situations and in broad and multidisciplinary contexts, and to intervene at the level of construction management (in planning, coordination, materials, construction solutions and technologies, management of human and material resources, etc.).

Our master's comprises four distinct branches – Buildings; Structures; Hydraulics; Roads and Transportation. The specific training students receive takes up one of the four semesters of the course and provides an unparallel level of specialization in the Lisbon region.

Holders of this masters are ready not only to use all essential tools in the fields of economics, quality control and management, as to communicate effectively, being able to convey their reasoning and conclusions to experts and non-experts alike. They are also equipped to engage in life-long learning. They are thus prepared to seize the opportunities of a sector with high employability and to perform high-level functions in various contexts: civil construction and public works companies; the construction materials industry; the pre-fabrication industry; project and management consultancy; municipal management agencies; consulting companies; inspection companies; real estate development management and maintenance companies; education and/or research institutions.

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