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Study programme’s generic objectives

  • To give the skills to solve problems in new/unfamiliar situations in multidisciplinary contexts;
  • To enrich the student’s competence to adapt to changes In the state of the art promoting their capacity of self-oriented and independent study;
  • To develop competence for technical and scientífic work on critical and independent way in the different target contexts, with emphasis on aspects related to computer science and computer engineering;
  • To give the capacity to integrate knowledge, deal with complex issues, develop solutions in situations of limited information and reflect on the implications and ethical and social responsibilities;
  • To develop practical experience through laboratory and supported practical work through group work or individual projects; 
  • To develop the students’ ability to innovatively incorporate concepts in the design of new systems or processes.

Employability of graduates.

The study cycle has a long tradition of recognition by the professional associations (Portuguese Engineering and Professional Association and FEANI).

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