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At ISEL, the masters in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering ensures advanced, comprehensive and current training in telecommunications and electronics.

This postgraduate course provides an in-depth approach to the technological and design aspects of all the unavoidable topics in this are: new generation fixed and mobile telecommunications networks; optical communications and technologies; biomedical instrumentation and programmable and integrated electronic systems. Our graduates acquire sound analytical abilities and practical skills in design and implementation of telecommunications and /or electronic systems. The strong applied component, ensured through practical coursework and lab activities supervised and encouraged by a faculty deeply involved in development and technological research projects and consultancy, as well as in advanced training in national and international cooperation projects, guarantees our postgraduate students an easy adaptation to the reality of the labour market. Special attention is also devoted to the development of autonomous learning and innovation skills, which ensure the student's ability to continually adapt to changes in the state of the art in an ever-evolving sector.

The ‘major and minor’ structure of this master’s – telecommunications / electronics, according to the student's interests – results in a highly qualified training in the areas of the electronics, telecommunications, and computers, able to respond to complex challenges in engineering and reengineering.

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