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ISEL’s masters course in Industrial Engineering and Management is a multi-purpose program that provides students with an integrated vision of production and services systems management. This course responds to the labour market’s growing demand for engineering professionals with a set of broadband skills that make them as comfortable with the technical as with the business aspects of their field.

Our postgraduates are trained to be able to design systems and collaborate in the creation, development, implementation, and improvement of integrated systems. They develop skills in business management and leadership, and an aptitude for setting up businesses and/or developing new products or services – always from the perspective of efficiency, quality, sustainability, productivity, and competitiveness. Given its scope, the training we provide opens opportunities in numerous areas and sectors of employment: equipment, materials, energy, communications, information technologies, healthcare, finance, transport – every industry, and organizations in general.

Holders of this masters can expertly plan and manage complex and dynamic systems where technological, economic, and organizational factors interact, which makes them a valuable asset to any industry or services company, as well as to any public or private organization that seeks to keep up with the challenges of the present.

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