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Building Conservation and Rehabilitation is currently one of the pillars of the construction sector in Portugal and across Europe. In fact, it is estimated that, by 2030, the weight of this segment in Portugal will have tripled in value and that it will be responsible for about 600,000 jobs. This state of affairs reflects a context of profound change in the sector, and the market lacks qualified professionals in the field of Building Conservation and Rehabilitation technologies. ISEL’s postgraduate course in Building Conservation and Rehabilitation aims to increment the knowledge and skills of each student, ensuring specialized training in line with what is provided in similar courses by leading colleges and universities in the European space.

Over its two semesters, this postgraduate course provides its students with the most important skills in the various aspects of construction: Pathology, Inspection, Diagnostics, Design, Planning, Intervention and Monitoring are the areas analyzed in greater detail. Our training develops flexible Conservation and Rehabilitation professionals, whose vision is both comprehensive and precise, and who are characterized by their high technical competence and ability to integrate and lead multidisciplinary teams. Our graduates will thus be at the forefront of numerous job and business opportunities.



Classes will be given after working hours, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, in person at ISEL's campus.



  • Application €53

  • Registration €55

  • School insurance €5


Tuition fees

The tuition fee is €2000*. The payment of the tuition fee can be partitioned into two installments: the first, of €1000, paid upon registration; the second, of €1000, to be paid until 23 December 2023.


Numerus clausus

The postgraduate course in Building Conservation and Rehabilitation admits up to 20 students.



ISEL’s postgraduate course in Building Conservation and Rehabilitation is aimed at students trained in this field (or related fields) and at professionals who already work, or intend to develop their professional activity, in it, namely:

• Civil Engineers

• Architects

• Other professionals involved or interested in the field of construction, holders of a bachelor’s (or higher) degree

• Individuals whose academic, scientific or professional background/curriculum is recognized as attesting their ability to succeed in this postgraduate course.

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