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Ana Catarina Sousa
Ana Catarina Cardoso de Sousa
+351 218 317 000, Ext. 1163

Ana Catarina Cardoso de Sousa has a degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa of Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, a Master's in Sanitary Engineering from Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnoclogia, of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and a PhD in Chemistry from Instituto Superior Técnico of Universidade de Lisboa. Currently she is Adjunct Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, where she usually teaches General Chemistry, Laboratory Techniques, Inorganic Chemistry and Biomaterials. She develops research work in the field of biocatalytic processes for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with therapeutic applications. Her scientific interests extend to the development of sustainable methodologies for chemical synthesis, with focus on the application of enzymes as biocatalysts and the use of microwave technology in the synthesis of organic compounds. More recently, she has been working on the use of biopolymers to produce support materials for the development of hybrid systems for the controlled dosage of drugs. The application of the Green and Sustainable Chemistry concepts are the focus of the research work and the results obtained have been published in relevant international peer reviewed scientific journals.

She is an integrated member of the Structural Chemistry Center of the Instituto Superior Técnico and Sociedade Portuguesa de Química.