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Gonçalo Duarte
Gonçalo Nuno de Oliveira Duarte

Gonçalo Duarte received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and is currently lecturer at ADEM – Mechanical Engineering Department at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa 

Courses lectured include Reciprocating Engines, Aerodynamics, Air Conditioning Basics, Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, anchored under the Energy and Control Systems Section.   

Research interests include vehicle monitoring and propulsion systems characterization under real-world conditions, development of portable laboratories for on-road characterization of several propulsion systems, pollutant emissions, conventional and alternative mobility, integration between transport mobility and buildings. His experience in these areas has resulted in several peer-reviewed articles in international journals, book chapters and participation in national and international conferences. 

Research activities are done at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and IN+ of Instituto Superior Técnico, while integrated member.

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