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Submitted by joaquim on 5 September 2022
Intended learning outcomes

General Chemistry address issues of fundamental knowledge in Chemistry, providing the students the requirements to support a sustained development of the course. Therefore, the students will acquire the following specific skills:

  • Understand matter constitution, periodicity of elements in the periodic table, and simple quantum mechanical treatments of atoms and molecules.
  • Understand how and why atoms combine to form substances or materials (chemical bonding and respective theories).
  • Relate the composition of atomic/molecular/macromolecular structures, crystalline or not, with the physical, mechanical and optical properties of materials.
  • Know how to select the most suitable characterization methods for micro- and nano-scale materials. Ability to interpret mechanical/thermal/optical test results.
  • Select materials for applications in Optoelectronics and Photonics Engineering.
  • Know different techniques for processing nanomaterials. Identify the advantages and limitations.
  • Select processing technologies.
  • Know how to select the best material characterization method.
  • Consider the effect these materials have on the environment.


Curricular Unit Form