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Submitted by Anónimo (not verified) on 14 November 2014
Intended learning outcomes
  1. Identify an electric circuit and recognize his different basic elements. Know the relevant circuit variables. Know the system and circuits analysis methods and associated simplifications. Identify two port networks.
  2. Describe an electrical circuit or system behaviour through a set of mathematical linear equations. Select the adequate analysis methods for a specific circuit. Describe a two port network. Describe circuits by their equivalents.
  3. Apply analysis methods to circuits in laboratorial environment. Use the PSpice simulator.
  4. Analyse direct and alternate current circuits. Analyse circuits with energy storage elements.
  5. Assemble basic circuits for measurements and test. Plan the necessary actions to realize circuit variables measurements.
  6. Predict using the theoretical analysis the circuit important variables values. Compare the theoretical and experimental results on report.


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