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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 17 March 2021
Intended learning outcomes
  1. Understand the role of Process Engineering and of the Chemical and Biological Engineer in the development of societies and its well-being.
  2. Understand the role of the different disciplinary areas of the course plan in the training of the Engineer.
  3. Acquire the necessary basic skills to support the subjects to be taught in subsequent curricular units.
  4. Acquire the support knowledge and the fundamental skills for the understanding and execution of mass balances in chemical and/or biological processes of low complexity, without and with chemical or biological transformations, in stationary regime and without refluxe or purge.

Students should understand and know how to use the concepts associated with Chemical and Biological Engineering; understand and know how to use magnitudes, the units of measure and their conversion. They should understand physical and chemical transformations, read and use process diagrams, and understand the most commonly used unit operations in this engineering.


Curricular Unit Form