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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 28 May 2021
Intended learning outcomes

Conducting a research work in the context of the cycle of studies in Engineering and Industrial Management leading to the elaboration of a Master's Dissertation, Work Project or Internship of a Professional Nature. At the end of this course students should demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Ability to solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations, in broad and multidisciplinary contexts;
  2. Ability to integrate knowledge, deal with complex issues, develop solutions or make judgments in situations of limited or incomplete information, including reflections on the ethical and social implications and responsibilities that constrain these solutions and judgments;
  3. Ability to communicate conclusions, knowledge and reasoning, clearly and unambiguously;
  4. Learning skills that enable lifelong learning in a fundamentally self-directed or autonomous way.


Curricular Unit Form