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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 23 March 2021
Intended learning outcomes

  1. Understand the knowledge representation while grounded on assertions described as triplets and the processing grounded on the navigation of a graph (of assertions).
  2. Construct graphs using the RDF standard and serialize using different formats (XML, Notation-3, N-Triples).
  3. Apply semantic rules to RDF graphs to obtain and extend the RDFS standard.
  4. Understand the essential of the description logic (DL) and its application in the definition of ontologies; understand the OWL language as an implementation of DL and as an extension of RDFS.
  5. Understand the essential of the inference process via a refutation proof using the tableau method; build ontologies and validate its consistency considering the TBox and ABox.
  6. Formulate queries to RDF(S) and OWL graphs using the language SPARQL (and SPARQL-DS); extend OWL axioms using SWRL clauses.
  7. Use an ontology repository e publish a SPARQL endpoint as a REST service; populate ABox as a composition SPARQL accesses.


Curricular Unit Form