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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 21 March 2021
Intended learning outcomes

Introduce the knowledge about the mechanical behaviour of materials from the perspective of the mechanical design and the operation of mechanical equipment. Introduce key procedures of mechanical tests in materials and life forecasting methodologies and the influence of damage in situations of fracture, fatigue and creep.

The curricular unit has to convey basic theoretical concepts of the theory of mechanical fracture and presentation of cases studies and practical examples of applications in the engineering mechanisms of brittle fracture, fatigue and creep. Concept of fitness, fitness for service and the main methodologies used at international level, are also introduced.

The completion with success of this curricular unit, will guarantees the students to detain the fundamental knowledge in the fracture mechanics fields, and its application to the evaluation of critical factors associated to damage in fracture and fatigue conditions.


Curricular Unit Form