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ISEL bets on mentorship certification

ISEL has initiated the Mentoring Training programme within the framework of   Entrepreneurial and which   aims to empower ISEL (future   mentors) lecturers, previously selected by each Department, to act as promoters of the   Ecosystem   Entrepreneurship of the ISEL.

The mentors beyond the promotion and support of Entrepreneurship in the respect   Department will make the interlinkage of the respected output   of   ideas / solutions / services / products   developed by students, faculty, and staff with the ISEL incubator.

Promoted in conjunction with the CISE company is a training programme organised by the TRUE consortium within the framework of the HEI Initiative @EIT Health.  

The mentors mentioned in the framework below are available to be contacted for development and transformation   of the ideas in successful business:


Docent Name


Civil Engineering

Maria Idalia da Silva Gomes

Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications and computers

Alessandro Fantoni

Luís Filipe de Matos Duarte Barons

Electronic Engineering of Power and Automation

Joao Herminio Ninitas Lagarto

Filipe André de Sousa Figueira Barata

Mechanical Engineering

Vitor manuel Rodrigues anes

Ivan Rodolfo Pereira Garcia de Galvain

Chemical Engineering

Helena Paulo


Pedro Almeida


Cristina Isabel Caetano Ferreira Januario

For more information about the TRUE Project and the HEI initiative Initiative: