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Pedro Renato Tavares de Pinho

Pedro Pinho was born in Vale de Cambra, Portugal in 1974. He received the “Licenciado” (five years degree), Master's degree in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, and the PhD. degree in Electrical Engineering all from University of Aveiro in 1997, 2000, and 2004 respectively. He is currently a Professor Adjunto at the Department of Electrical Telecommunications and Computers Engineering in Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (since 2005) and a Senior Member of the research staff at the Institute for Telecommunications, Aveiro, Portugal. He has authored or co-authored more than 200 papers in journals and international conferences and 12 book chapters. Moreover, Pedro Pinho co-authored the book “Guided propagation of electromagnetic waves”, published in 2015, and edited 3 books. He participated as principal researcher or coordinator in several projects with scientific and/or industry focus, both at a national and international level and was effective member of two Cost Actions (IC 1301, TD 1301). To date he has led and leads 8 PhD students and 52 MSc students. He is a senior member of IEEE and has been called to perform many different activities for review and editing journals nationally and internationally. At the editorial level he belonged to several committees, including Technical Program Committees of the major conferences on his area of expertise. His current research interest is in antenna design for passive sensors in non-conventional materials and antennas for wireless power transfer. Actually he is chair of the URSI-Portugal G commission and European Commission Expert for project evaluation. Prof. Pedro Pinho has won awards both at nationally and internationally level. In relation to academic activity, he is chair of three curricular units: Propagation and Radiation, Antennas and Optical communication systems, courses from the Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers Engineering, ISEL, since 2005.