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This course trains professionals able to act effectively in companies linked to Biological and Chemical industries and related industries and service companies.The course of study aims to assign a solid background to pursue the professional activity but also allowing lifelong learning.The training over the course aims to: 

  • Give a solid background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biotechnology and environment.
  • Give a solid background in management and quality.
  • Give a comprehensive and profound understanding of the main concepts of Engineering.
  • Enhance the ability of each student to adapt to changes.
  • Develop skills of critical and independent school work.
  • Provide experience in professional engineering aspects.
  • Provide practical experience through laboratory work involving the execution of experiments and problem solving methodologies.
  • Integrate knowledge learned in conducting a final project work.

High employability of graduates.

Interaction with the community, translated into protocols with external entities (companies, industry associations, order of the engineers, agencies, institutions of superior education and scientific societies).

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