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Without energy, there is no life - eco-friendly energy, preferably!

It would be impossible to list all the applications of electric power, but it is trivial to see that a huge part of our existence depends on it. From the mobile phone, the tablet or the computer that you are using to read these lines, and which you use for so many different things, to all the other electrical devices that surround you, the robots that build them or bring all kinds of products to us, or the ever increasing range of transport that use electric energy... nothing in our life would be the same without energy, which is why it is so important to use it in a sustainable way.

In our bachelor’s degree in Electrotechnical Engineering, technological developments come to higher education to prepare our students for a constantly growing world – be it in the area of electrical plants, renewable energy, instrumentation, automation or control.

In an area that the European Union has identified as a priority in higher education training, your only difficulty after completing this degree will be what to choose to work on next.

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