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Mechanical Engineering is probably the most comprehensive of all engineering areas. Because it deals with the design, production, operation, and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical systems, Mechanical Engineering is present in virtually every sector of activity, from car manufacturing to aeronautics, from industrial equipment to industrial automation and industrial safety, from electrical energy to fossil fuels. It plays a crucial role in the production, distribution, and energy efficiency of AC systems; in the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries; in all major developments in composite materials, mechatronics and nanotechnology. Intersecting the biomedical, civil, electrotechnical, industrial and chemical engineering areas, Mechanical Engineering is always at the epicenter of human activity.

Our postgraduate students experience a rich and comprehensive program, a practical learning approach grounded on our faculty’s experience in the labour market, and an emphasis on problem-solving skills, communication ability, and autonomy. As a result, holders of our master’s degree can apply their knowledge in solving problems in a vast array of multidisciplinary contexts. Our masters in Mechanical Engineering – in either of its specializations, "Maintenance and Production" or "Energy, Refrigeration and Climatization" – provides its graduates with invaluable training that has long been highly recognized by the labour market.

Whether in industry or services, in production or in research, the knowledge and experience earned in our master’s will meet no hurdles when it comes to employability and ensure high-level performance in a limitless professional area.

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