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The 2020/21 edition of the CSWA-Certified SolidWorks Associate had its certification session on the past November 10. It stands out that 36 students, in a total of 44, obtained the certificate and, of these, 36.4% obtained the maximum rating (240 points out of 240 points possible). Realized under the guidance of Professor Ricardo Portal, the initiative had the support of Sqboredom, which enabled these students, who had been able to distinguish themselves at AU Assisted Drawing by Computer, to attend the training free of charge.   The students approved in this edition are: Pedro Costa, Duarte Marto, Rodrigo Laranjo, Gonçalo Ramalho, Diogo Botelho, António Luís, Sofia Gomes, Rita Mergulhão, Nuno Lourenço, Ricardo Simões, Beatriz Henriques, João Fortunato, Esdras Soares, Tiago Fernandes, Pedro Pinheiro, João Cotrim, Diogo Marques, Joao Fonseca, Afonso Lucas, Catarina Ferreira, Rodrigo Manzarra, Joao manzarra, Joao Manzarra, Ancient Morals, Vasco Candeiras, Tomás Lopes, Patrician Mendes, Bruno Souza, João Pereira, Manuel Oliveira, Lara Alves, Duarte Gomes, Nuno Patricio, Tiago Pinto, Diogo Baganha and António Luz.   Since 2017, 166 ISEL Mechanical Engineering Students have obtained their CSWA.
Following the confirmations of Professor Sandra Aleixo, as chair of the Pedagogical Council, and Professor João Alfredo dos Santos, as President of the Technical-Scientific Council, in the respecting bodies, he proceeded on the past November 16, in the Services of the IPL Presidency, the takeover of Professor Sandra Aleixo and Professor João Alfredo dos Santos in the post they are going to perform. The ceremony was conducted by the President of the IPL, Elmano Margato, and was attended by the President of ISEL José Nascimento.
Within the framework of the Eureka program, a European network that brings together diverse institutions of higher education, proceeded on November 15 the visit of a delegation from the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava from the Czech Republic to the ISEL. Pavel Kromer, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Vice President for International Cooperation, and Michaela Vrazelova, Director of the Office of International Affairs, began by meeting with the President of ISEL, José Nascimento, the President of the DEETC, Manuel Barata, the   pro-president for Internationalization and Cooperation of the IPL, Fernando Melician, and by the coordinator of the IPL International Relations Office, Cristina Marques.   This meeting served to bring the two institutions closer together in terms of future partnerships in teaching and innovation. They then visited ISEL laboratories, of particular interest to visitors: the Laboratory of Engineering and Health, where they contacted the researchers Rúben Araújo, Tiago Fonseca and Cristiana von Rekowski, affection to the DEQ, and various laboratories affected to the DEETC: the DEETC Research and Development Laboratory, the Multimedia Laboratory, the Laboratory of Optoelectronics, the Laboratory of Optoelectronics, the Laboratory of Electronica and the Nokia-high Leverage Network Lab.   On the way out, Pavel Kromer and Michaela Vrazelova showed themselves well impressed with the dynamism they witnessed and expressed great commitment to boosting future collaborations between the two institutions.