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ISEL’s master course in Electrotechnical Engineering (MEE) provides postgraduate students with professional skills and acceptance in the global labour market. Students can choose to specialize in Energy or in Automation and Industrial Electronics. They will master advanced-level syllabus content in a wide variety of important topics: production and transmission of electric power; power grid and electrical installation design; electric machinery design; nuclear power and renewable energy; control systems; smart systems; drive, protection and control of power semiconductors; electromechanical drives; automation and supervision networks; robotic systems; and management and economics in energy markets.

Our faculty includes doctorates/researchers and specialists with recognized professional experience. They endow our course the applied character that enables our postgraduate students to experience an easy adaptation to the job market and to perform expertly in their profession.

Electric power production; transport or distribution companies; industrial units with a strong automation and electromechanical component; industrial automation and technical building automation facilities; industrial, commercial, residential, hospital and hotel units or parks; technical departments at local, regional or central government bodies, as well as at certification agencies; mining companies, refineries, port facilities, airports and railway companies; water supply companies; applied research in science and technology institutions; metrology; instrumentation; testing equipment and testing facilities – these are just some of the many opportunities in an industry of remarkable employability. An opportunity not to be missed!