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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 31 March 2021

Mathematics is one of the fundamental foundations of the kind of professional who is always in high demand on the job market, and ISEL has the knowledge and know-how to train such professionals. In addition to a solid education in mathematics, our students have the effective skills to apply it to concrete problems. The Department of Mathematics trains ISEL students in the mathematical concepts and methods necessary for the technical-scientific development of many areas in our society: engineering, natural sciences, medicine, economics, finance, and social sciences.

Supported by a highly qualified faculty body, the department collaborates with all the departments of ISEL, providing sound basic training which empowers students to understand the application of mathematics to specialized areas of Engineering. In addition, it is responsible for the bachelor’s in Mathematics Applied to Technology and Business and for the master’s in Applied Mathematics to Industry. Both courses provide solid mathematical training, which fosters the development of problem-solving skills that can be put to use in dealing with issues that emerge in society, in companies in various fields, or in other sciences and technologies, in close connection with wealth- and development-generating institutions. The Department of Mathematics also promotes research work in Mathematics, scientific and pedagogical exchange with other departmental areas and research centers at ISEL, as well as with other national and international institutions.