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Délia Boino
Submitted by dboino on 31 March 2021

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) is dedicated to imparting knowledge, conducting scientific research, and providing services to the community in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, and related or interdisciplinary fields.

The DME’s core focus is teaching. It currently offers bachelors and masters courses and is equipped to provide other postgraduate training.

Aware of the swift pace of scientific and technological evolution, the department’s fundamental concern lies in providing students with updated curricular contents and effective practical learning, adjusted to the realities of the professional world.

Through its Center for Mechanical Engineering Studies, it provides services to the community, delivering technical training for cadres and staff of various companies, and developing innovative engineering projects.

Within the range of its specific competence, it is also up to the Department of Mechanical Engineering to promote national and international cooperation via students’ and teachers’ mobility and participation in training, research, development, and innovation networks.

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